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Tennis Elbow Specialist

Sunshine State Medical Inc.

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When the tendons in your elbow become inflamed and irritated due to overuse, you have tennis elbow. Tennis elbow doesn’t only show up in those who play tennis. Anyone who repeats motions using the elbow joint is at risk. At Sunshine State Medical Inc. in Orlando, Florida, Harvey A. Schub, MD, and a team of providers offer evaluation and treatment of tennis elbow so you get the pain relief you’re looking for and use of your elbow joint. Call the office for an evaluation or schedule an appointment online.

Tennis Elbow Q & A

What causes tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow, clinically called lateral epicondylitis, shows up most often in the area where your forearm muscles attach to a bony bump on the outside of your elbow. You could also experience pain in your forearm and wrist.

Plumbers, carpenters, racquet sports players, and painters can be at risk. You could also develop tennis elbow from repetitively moving a computer mouse, cutting up cooking ingredients, or driving screws.

You’re more likely to develop tennis elbow in adulthood, especially between 30 and 50.

What are the symptoms of tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow describes a muscle strain injury and tiny tears in the tendons. You experience pain when moving your elbow, especially when doing an activity like:

  • Shaking hands or gripping an object
  • Turning a doorknob
  • Holding a coffee cup

Sometimes these symptoms resolve on their own, but if ice and over-the-counter pain relievers don’t help and the pain worsens or interferes with activity, call Sunshine State Medical Inc.

What is the treatment for tennis elbow?

Your symptoms and health history usually are enough for a diagnosis of tennis elbow, but sometimes you could need further tests like an MRI or X-ray to rule out other causes of your symptoms.

Rest and lifestyle changes are often prescribed first for the treatment of tennis elbow. Chiropractic treatments can also help relieve symptoms associated with shoulder issues or nerve pain that’s feeding into your elbow.

Physical therapy gently stretches and strengthens your muscles, especially those in the forearm. You could benefit from a strap or brace to support the joint and reduce repetitive movement so the muscles and tendons have a chance to rest.

The team of therapists at Sunshine State Medical Inc. offers customized treatment of your tennis elbow. They take into account your goals – if it’s to return to work or sports or to simply restore function for comfort during daily tasks.

Don’t continue to suffer from elbow pain. Call Sunshine State Medical Inc. or schedule a consultation online to get a diagnosis and custom treatment so you find relief from tennis elbow.