Emergency Medical Evaluation Questions and Answers

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Emergency Medical Evaluation Near Me in Orlando, FL
Emergency Medical Evaluation Near Me in Orlando, FL

The medical field comprises many different professions, including both generalists and specialists. Generalists are medical professionals who can treat a wide number of concerns and ailments and can refer to a specialist for complex cases. Specialists have a deeper focus on one aspect of health, such as a cardiologist or chiropractor, and are well-versed in the possible complications and complex cases that involve their area of expertise. Even specialists have to refer some patients to other professionals, especially in emergency situations. This is what emergency medical evaluations are designed to handle.

What is emergency medical evaluation?

An emergency medical evaluation is a health screening performed by a physician in order to help formulate a diagnosis or provide specialized care for a patient with unique healthcare needs. For example, if a chiropractor is treating a patient that is exhibiting symptoms with which they are not familiar, the chiropractor may refer the patient to a medical professional that can perform a more comprehensive medical examination.

How long does an emergency medical evaluation take?

The length of time it will take to perform an emergency medical evaluation depends on several factors, including:

  • The symptoms of the patient
  • The severity of the symptoms
  • The overall health of the patient
  • If any pre-existing health conditions are present
  • The age of the patient
  • The lifestyle factors of the patient
  • How many tests need to be performed

Based on these factors, an emergency medical evaluation can take anywhere between 30 minutes to a few hours, and may take even longer to get the results of the tests being performed.

What does a medical evaluation consist of ?

A medical evaluation may consist of the following:

  • Updated Medical History — The doctor will ask for a full medical history, including any previous hospitalizations, illnesses, surgeries, medications, and allergies, as well as any updates to current medical conditions, medications, or new symptoms.
  • Vital Signs Checks — The doctor will check respiratory rate, heart rate, and blood pressure. Depending on individual medical history, blood pressure should be checked every one to three years. To check for fever, the doctor will also take a temperature.
  • Visual Exam — The doctor will review the patient’s appearance for any signs of potential issues, which is known as a visual examination. They will typically examine the eyes, head, skin, chest, abdomen, joints (elbows, knees), musculoskeletal system (hands, wrists), and nervous system functions such as walking ability and
  • Physical Exam — After performing a visual exam, the doctor will use specific instruments to look into the eyes, ears, nose, and throat to conduct a physical exam. To make sure that they are functioning normally and there is no presence of a heart or lung disease, they will use a stethoscope to listen to the heart, lungs or abdomen.
  • Laboratory Tests — The doctor will draw blood for various laboratory tests, such as a complete blood count (CBC) or a complete metabolic panel. This tests the blood plasma in order to detect any issues in the liver, kidneys and immune system. Any abnormalities detected in the blood may be indicative of more serious health concerns.
  • Imaging Studies — The doctor may have the patient complete an electrocardiogram (EKG), an X-ray, a computer tomography scan (CT), or a magnetic resonance scan (MRI).

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